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One-armed wonder bringing his highlight reel dunks to COP


Although we can’t reveal the full field until next month, we do want to give you a sneak peek at one of the more exciting players you’ll want to check out at this year’s tournament. His name is Hansel Emmanuel. He’s a native of the Dominican Republic and earned a scholarship to play for Life Christian Academy in Kissimmee. Hansel is 6’ 5” and is 17 years old. 

He’s become a YouTube sensation, not just because of his dunks and great skills on the court, but because he does it all with only one-arm. That’s right. Hansel was forced to have his left arm amputated below the shoulder when he was a kid after a tragic accident. When he was just six years old and living in Santo Domingo, a wall fell on him, leaving him trapped for two hours before his father came to his rescue.


Now, he’s a rising star in high school hoops and manages to handle the ball on the court so well that some basketball experts say he’ll make it to the professional level. Hoping to play in the NBA someday, Hansel doesn’t want people to see him as a person with a disability, but as a great player whose game will take him far.

We’re looking forward to seeing Hansel and his Life Christian Academy Lions teammates at this year’s tournament come December.


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